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Our wellness services support full body balance that leads to a happy life. Make an appointment now to get a full evaluation of your physical, emotional, and nutritional health.

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Dixie Wall has been a licensed Acupuncturist, Nutritionist, and Holistic Health Practitioner for over 12 years. Contact us to set-up a free online consultation for your health needs.

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Physical, Emotional, & Nutritional Needs of your Body

Dixie Wall and her caring team believe in holistic methods of practice to facilitate healing and homeostatis.

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Acuworks Orange County Acupuncture and Holistic Health Center

Acupuncture & holistic health has helped people for over 3,000 years with health, stress, diet, and more.

At Acuworks we consider physical, emotional, and nutritional health to all be integral parts of a healthy, happy lifestyle. Holistic health is the process whereby all of these areas are combined to balance the body and mind. Acupuncture, our most popular treatment, is one of the oldest and most successful treatments in existence for achieving these lifestyle goals. Combined with our other holistic services, we make sure our patients achieve real results and real balance in their lives.

Our Health Philosophy

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Complete Blood Work Analysis

Proper nutrition helps the body to function well and remain healthy. We make custom diet plans, using your individual Western lab results combined with Dixie's background in Eastern medicine.

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Nutrition &
Weight Loss

When a person is feeling relaxed, emotionally stable, and is thinking more clearly, it is easier to deal with the stress, frustration, and anxiety that can trigger overeating and binging on fattening foods.

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  • Reparative Brochure

    Latest Blog Post

    Reparative Brochure

    The digestive tract is the part of our body that allows absorption of what we eat into our internal environment. Learn more about the systemic dietary and nutritional program for intestinal barrier integrity here.

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  • "I've been a regular client of Dixie for over ten years. During that time she has helped me live to my fullest by helping me eat well, stay active and deal with the high stress of my job in a healthy way.  I like how she uses my lab test results to figure out…


  • "I have been working with Dixie for over a year now, and I have seen major improvements in my health and energy levels. I am now able to function, hold a job, and exercise like I did pre-illness after many years of having to take long breaks. Dixie listens to my concerns and addresses…


  • “I had never been an enthusiast of alternative medicine.  I sought treatment for my skin rash allergies from her only after failing to get answers from 3 dermatologists and one allergist. My skin would react to medications that I need to maintain quality of life and function socially and occupationally.  She made no false…

    Vincent L

  • “Dixie is a passionate healer. She's constantly going to conferences for the cutting edge trends that actually gets results. Even though she has a thriving practice, she makes time to share her knowledge with people in need. We are both on the CAMTC board of directors. I had a significant weight gain in one…

    Roberta R

  • “I have been under Dixies care for well over 10 years now.  With Dixies help I have been able to drop over 100 lbs, I no longer have back trouble, my body fat percentage is down from 31% to 11%, I have more energy than ever, my diet is on point and I feel better…

    Jeremy L

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