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Acuworks Acupuncture and Holistic Health was founded on the principals of full body balance including emotional, physical, and nutrional health.

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At Acuworks we nurture a philsophy that combines the best of modern research and time-tested ancient Chinese techniques like acupuncture.  There is not one single answer for a healthy lifestyle, and we embrace that.  Our patients can experience a plethora of wellness services designed to bring balance back their life.  Whether it be a new, modern technique, or an established ancient technique, we do not shy away from holistic wellness that works.

Each patient is different, and we strive to help you with services that balance your individual life.  Making an appointment with us will allow us to analyze your physical and mental state and prescribe a regiment that works best for you.

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Dixie Wall, our Lead Acupuncturist

Dixie Wall, licensed acupuncturist, nutritionist, and holistic health practitioner, is happy to be serving the Orange County area. Her practice is devoted to helping you unlock your body, mind, and spirit's true potential.

After suffering a major accident which left her with chronic pain and fatigue, Dixie Wall discovered acupuncture and was finally able to find relief. She has completed school and certification in Neuro Emotional Technique/NET and Nadruimbuds Allergy Elimination Technique/NAET in 2012.

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What To Expect On Your First Visit

Ready for a visit to Acuworks? Read our short FAQ and guide to make you comfortable on your first appointment.

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