Earthing: How and Why

Earthing: How and Why

Earthing is a primitive practice that has gained steam in current times for its simplicity and healing powers. In essence, earthing means living in contact with the Earth’s natural surface charge, which naturally discharges and prevents chronic inflammation in the body.

Also commonly referred to as grounding, the practice is a conscious effort to combat the recent disconnect between the physical body and physical earth. Throughout human history, mankind has maintained contact with the ground through either barefoot walking, direct soil sleeping, or other means. As of late, that connection has deteriorated due to insulated living areas, synthetic based shoes, and even when barefoot walking returns…carpeted floors. The result is a body starved of a natural connection with the Earth.

How does one do “Earthing”? The process is as simple as taking a barefoot walk or taking a nap on the grassy lawn. Also conductive systems for the house and office, which bring in the electrical charge of the earth, are able to mimic the direct connect the other techniques provide. The key is to make a habit of the practice, and to consciously choose to for instance, take off your shoes while reading a book out in the backyard. 

Why is “Earthing” beneficial? The re-connection with the earth provides several health improvements. A rapid reduction of inflammation and chronic pain, as well as reduced stress and increased energy are all benefits induced by earthing. The benefits come as an unquestioned net-gains, as earthing is completely natural and carries zero side effects. Earthing shouldn’t be considered as a sole method of treatment, but rather incorporated into lives as an aid to daily pains and in the long-view, a preventive mechanism.

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